This Fit Is So On Point!

The Feathers Contour by Natori has all our customers throwing out their old t-shirt bras!!  

A feminine and flattering cut in a neutral that works everyday.  Made with the perfect mesh overlay and trimmed with a delicate lace.  

                                                        Natori Feather Contour in Cafe 

                                                       Natori Feather Contour in Cafe 

We have many bra shoppers in search of a supportive, feminine and not too constructive shape.  Avoiding extra bulk is one of the top requests we receive from women on the hunt for a new bra.  Feathers is always a go to here at Underwear for a new everyday bra.  Women from 32A to 34F have loved this fit and rave about it as soon as they try it on!

 If you are still on the hunt we highly recommend slipping the Feathers Collection on for size.  

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